Rodents & Varmints 2018-01-28T21:19:00-06:00

Rodents and other varmints like squirrels, raccoons, skunks, and possums might be cute in the wild but you don’t want to share your home with them. We are the masters at keeping your home “critter free”.

The best way to prevent unwanted animal guests is to find out where they are gaining access and effectively exclude them. However, we usually get called after they have invaded your space. It may take a couple of days to remove all of them after we have sealed up their entry points. We practice humane capture and country release if practical and possible.

Here is a photo of our Master Tech David who took an emergency call on his day off with”Rocky” the squirrel (who was released after this photo).

Why on his day off? “Rocky” the squirrel had gone down the chimney of a client’s house and was running around the house with the client’s dogs chasing him from room to room.The client had opened the outside doors thinking that he would take an easy exit but after a few laps around the house he hid and the client couldn’t find him. The client knew he could count on us to solve their dilemma.

David later put an exclusion screen over the chimney to prevent any further adventures in the house. Strangely, Rocky’s must have enjoyed his romp with the dogs because he would often come part way down the trees in the back yard and taunt the dogs into chasing him.

We specialize in solving animal exclusion problems where other pest control operators have failed. That is why having years of experience is so important.